Why Choose Us?

Our Manufacturing Advantage

Our 30 years of experience has given us 2 distinct areas of advantage which our competitors will find it difficult to match
– our research and development (“R&D”) advantage and our factory advantage

Research & Development Advantage

Our meticulous, systematic and well thought-out production processes ensures your experience with us goes without hiccups.
We possess expert knowledge in blending and mixing techniques, resulting high quality product finishing.
We have in-depth understanding in raw materials and active ingredients – we know what works!
We understand the consumer market and pioneer in the latest product textures from food-inspired textures like sorbets and jellies to environment-inspired such as clay, oil and mud.

Factory Advantage

Our factory is absolutely clean and pure, we filter and sterilise everything – even our staff!
Our machines are fully automated – reduces the need of manhandling and cuts down contamination.
We have proper aging and refrigeration facilities.

Awards & Certifications